Denman Marine Notes

Initial contact with Denman Marine

for the 580 CNC Kit –

Andrew from Denman Marine was very helpful in helping us understand the process and we had a few calls to assist us in our questions.

This was a summary of the initial email correspondence:

  • Base kit pricing cnc milled
  • Options for :
  • A stringer chine log kit, the longitudinals would be supplied in three pieces, each with 8:1 scarfs pre-cut, so they are ready to glue up into full-lengths
  • With regards to the heavy floor timbers that take the keel bolts, They recommended laminating them from smaller dimensioned denser hardwood rather than use a single piece of solid hardwood for stability reasons.  All floors are 60mm in width with floor 1, 60mm in depth and floors 2-5 70mm in depth.  The 60mm floor would be glued up from 3 laminations of 19mm and the 70mm floors from 3 lams of 19 and one of 10.  They would supply these as pieces 1200 x 65 x 19mm and 1200mm x 65 x 10mm.  Once laminated, it would be a simple matter to thickness down to 60mm wide. Added to this option would be full-size 6mm MDF templates for the larger surface shapes of the floors that could be used to cut the parts once laminated and dimensioned.
  • Screws – The following are required, 316SS countersunk, Phillips head.
        – 8G x 1 1/4” – $xx per box 100 (approx. 250 grams)
        – 10G x 2” –  $xx per box 100 (approx. 525 grams)
  • CNC cut 6mm MDF templates for the polycarb windows.
  • A CNC milled plug for the lead ballast casting
  • Recommendation to use WEST System Epoxy resins
  • Noted: Denman Marine is also an Australian agent for Barton Marine products who have a great range of deck hardware that would suit the 5.80 project.