VHF, AIS and Radio Needs

A marine 100% waterproof installation VHF DSC transceiver (Programmed
with the MMSI Number) of 25W covering all International and US marine
channels with a masthead antenna, and coaxial feeder cable with not more
than 40% power loss. The following types and lengths of coaxial feeder
cable will meet the requirements of the MGR, up to 15m (50ft) – type RG8X

Hand-held marine waterproof VHF transceiver with min 5w output power
and spare battery. And a spare 12v charger.
Emergency VHF aerial for fixed radio or second Handheld VHF.

Personal AIS beacon (PAB)

Full Function AIS with boat name-solo sailor,sailing vessel, MMSI Number
and call sign.

Echomax Active-XS RTE transponder /radar detector. Echomax EM180- 2 stack Radar reflector fitted at least 2.5 meters above the
working deck and just below the Babystay attachment.

Radio receiver for High Seas weather reports.