Safety Gear

A towing drouge (approx 1mtr x .5mtr) with a suitable line or a 3 strand
nylon towing warp of min 12mm dia. X 100 meters and designated attachments.

One high holding Anchor min 6kg (Or Guardian G-16) and 8mtr x 6mm SL
chain and 50 metres x 12mm 3 strand nylon line. A second anchor is

Two white hand flares mounted inside at the companionway for quick

Lifebuoy of safety yellow or red, with whistle, a self-igniting light and a
drogue and reflective tape with attached Man Overboard Dan-Buoy pole.

“Life-sling” recovery system with reflective tape and light.

CG580 approved boarding arrangement allowing the skipper to climb back
onto the boat in full wet weather gear while in a seaway.

20 meter heaving line “throwing sock” type.

Cockpit Knife, strong, sharp, sheathed and securely restrained shall be
provided readily accessible from the cockpit plus multitool

COMPASS in cockpit


FOG HORN mounted close
to the companionway inside the cabin reachable from the cockpit.