Satnav and Position Reporting

Waterproof Iridium EXTREME Satellite phone ( tracking and panic button)
and Iridium GO with Iphone in a waterproof enclosure (Allows wind gribs)
or a second Iridium waterproof sat phone (any model)

YB3 tracking system will be used

If at any time the YB3 tracking system fails at sea the entrant should activate the tracking on the iridium EXTREME Phone (or a spare YB3). YB3 satellite tracking and texting unit MUST BE LEFT POWERED ON 24 hours a day, so that MGR Control can monitor progress and make contact with the competitor when needed. The Entrants Satellite phone is used for SMS texting services for the duration of the 22 event. Whilst at sea a Daily SMS text message up to a max of 160 characters must be sent directly to MGR race control for MGR Facebook page, Twitter and Website for all to see. One Custom YB3 tracking/messaging unit and soft case to mount externally on Pushpit may be brought below at the chart table only if requested by Race control, powered/recharged by a 12v cigarette lighter outlet. This unit polls a position every 4 hours. This unit has a Panic Button. Charging cable must be onboard. A second YB3 unit with spare charging cable IS RECOMMENDED, ready to use and stored in the panic bag.